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Darling (2007)

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HeY LOL I Do have a cock ask ur mom. she noes

Comment by ALL — 2008-02-18 00:06:29

don\'t waste time watching this piece of shit; i did this mistake

Comment by dutta — 2008-01-31 06:46:21

lmao ..... i m laughing @ all of you idiotics dope\'s .,,,,,,,. and yeah sophia u r so lil to go out so stay in with ur mama sorry lads but if u really go through top to bottom u will find it feckin gassss

Comment by Hamster — 2008-01-17 21:52:39

fuk all

Comment by tk — 2007-12-29 14:23:42

this movie stinks....I really hated it

Comment by tania — 2007-12-27 00:47:44

WAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that waz a good movie. in da end what does that mean is the guy of the movie i mean hero fardeen khan is happy in da end or not.

Comment by LUND KHAN — 2007-12-19 06:21:32

20 mins movie see 1st 15 mins and last 5 mins

Comment by fucker — 2007-12-08 10:38:04

nice the akele tanha song..

Comment by Arveshal — 2007-11-15 17:12:58

any girrll want to hve fun ...holl back..

Comment by Billla... — 2007-11-08 01:38:42

fuckall movie ever seen

Comment by no name — 2007-10-27 16:22:14


Comment by ajay chor — 2007-10-15 12:22:03

this movie is very hot and more...........i think this movie esha deol and fared khan have the awards

Comment by jotty — 2007-10-14 10:53:51

.........hahahahaahahahahaa hey guyzzzzzz.......itzzz really aaa funny movie dat i nva eva seen in ma lyf... ya gotta watch dis funny movie....hahahaha nyhw......... cheerrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Comment by Garry — 2007-10-11 01:21:42

would any of u girls like to jump bare foot on my bare belly :) i can also lick ur feet. muaah xxx.

Comment by evo — 2007-10-11 00:11:26

I have never seen such an idiotic cinema like \"DARLING\" before...........

Comment by tarun — 2007-10-09 18:09:22

hey u bloody racist lol u sound sexy should meet up MWAH

Comment by sophia — 2007-10-02 13:42:06

Shit movie. please dont watch and dont waste time thx

Comment by abc — 2007-10-02 09:34:37

u fools this videio dosnt work.foolssssssssssssss

Comment by popy — 2007-10-02 05:53:10


Comment by simran — 2007-10-01 22:47:09


Comment by RACIST — 2007-09-30 00:29:36

hey, enough with the rudeness, i am sophia...n i go2 heston in year 12 n e 1 wanna go out wiv me love u

Comment by sophia — 2007-09-25 16:07:04


Comment by lol — 2007-09-23 22:16:22

Sorry Every One that was my stupid friend

Comment by All — 2007-09-18 21:50:36

Iz there any 1 here dat can suk ma dick

Comment by All — 2007-09-18 21:48:58

the video doesnt work???

Comment by rb — 2007-09-17 21:59:54

waw incroiyable

Comment by frixa — 2007-09-17 21:17:09


Comment by youssef — 2007-09-17 20:59:02

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