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Yaariyan (2008)

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Part 1
zSHARE - yaariyan_1.wmv
Part 2
zSHARE - yaariyan_2.wmv
Part 3
zSHARE - yaariyan_3.wmv
Part 4
zSHARE - yaariyan_4.wmv

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gurdass mann mean gura da mann te punjab da mann" veer g punjabia nu chagia gala dasan da but but tnx"meri ik he isha hai ke jingi vch rab nu na ta paaea hai hun tuhanu milana hai par tuhadi fee but hai o mere bus vich nai kadi rab meri sune ta tuhade nal mulakat kara deve ta 2 rab mil jange menu is ik janam vich tnx rab tuhadi lami umar kare meri umar v tuhanu lave tuhadi sisi baljeet kaur bundala

Comment by billo — 2008-12-01 00:29:31

its a great movie I even bought the movie i love the whole movie i watch it every day . HRMAN_ DA_PEO is so right.!!!!!!

Comment by monica — 2008-08-07 05:56:35

o veera site bhut bdiya ha. filma bhi achiya ha. thx. sab nu ssa ji.

Comment by hamsab — 2008-07-03 05:30:40

yo thats is nice

Comment by neetukaur — 2008-05-22 23:20:49

oye harman deya bacheya fudi deya kede paseo bad ah movie sala bhaiya... best punjabi movie so far buraaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Comment by HARMAN_DA_PEO — 2008-05-11 10:36:37

well i like ur site and will keep visting thks

Comment by 5jaban — 2008-05-04 18:58:15

can somebody tell me where can i watch the movie sajna ve sajna?

Comment by jyoti — 2008-04-30 02:10:30

Really Nice Movie..... spent a lot of money to make this film........ keep continue....

Comment by Raj Man Singh — 2008-04-05 11:10:25

o 22 ji o veer ji part #3 nahi chalda hey.hi everybody, special ssa to my shali ji.veer gurdas mann ji jug jug jeeo.good movie yaar. friends if you any other site i can watch this movie,plz post on comments thanks ji. oye bale bale oye shawa shawa.end wich sab nu pyar bari ssa ji

Comment by pollyusa — 2008-04-05 03:41:55

i could not see the movie, it's not activated? is it needed any special software or anything else? pls help me?????

Comment by Jassi — 2008-04-04 21:53:41

If anyone has the audacity to call this movie anything less than the best, then he must be out of his mind. I rate this as the best punjabi movie. Om puri simply rocks.

Comment by Harry Sanghera — 2008-03-30 19:50:09

its a very very bad movie.... plz dont waste ur precious time... agge teri marji

Comment by harman — 2008-03-30 15:04:23

I Want to see this movie but unfortunatly here is blocked this please if anybody know tell me please where is possible to see this movie

Comment by jatinder — 2008-03-30 08:05:03

I Want to see this movie but unfortunatly here is blocked this please if anybody know tell me please where is possible to see this movie

Comment by Sunil — 2008-03-27 00:39:31

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