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Taare Zameen Par

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very very very excellent movie, especially ishaan is great

Comment by tanmay singh — 2008-10-21 11:01:14

hey itws truely a fantastic movie aamir has done execilent job yar

Comment by pathak — 2008-09-08 22:42:44

hey this is one of the best recent movies!!! i have seen it like 2 times.... its very good,,, Amir as usual good work..

Comment by Imad — 2008-06-26 02:22:12

please send me the video of the film SUPER STAR, & KRAZZY FOUR, if its possible when ever i try to download its its not working, if possible try to send the video by mails hoping for ur reply

Comment by asmina — 2008-06-06 10:43:39

its a rubish site 90% movies not workihg

Comment by raja — 2008-05-25 13:34:16

it is good site i like it

Comment by rana — 2008-03-21 12:16:14

Taare Zameen Par is fantastic movie. The songs are very nicely composed , the lyrics are touching. i think it is a movie mainly for parents.

Comment by Aditi — 2008-03-14 16:33:21

lovely movie. excellent show bizz, you were fantastic amir. best luck wid ur next movies love shazna

Comment by shaz — 2008-03-05 10:35:42

lovely movie. excellent show bizz, you were fantastic amir. best luck wid ur next movies love shazna

Comment by shaz — 2008-03-05 10:35:42

I couldn\'t was the movie through net. so no comment

Comment by sudha — 2008-02-21 05:16:25

indeed the the movie is good, but i would not comment on the performance of either Darsheel or Amir. I would rather talk about the theme of the movie, the disorder the child suffer. Not every child is lucky like ishan. Not every child meets Nikubh in their life. I m writing this because i was not lucky like ishan to have teachers or a single teacher like nikubh. Even i had the same problem like ishan, but i was left alone to solve it by my own. And through out my entire childhood i thought the words like DUMB, SHAMELESS CREATURE were meant for me. If i had a nikubh in school or at home i wouldn\'t have wasted 5 years in different classes. I was a little good in writing and took interest in drawing but was badly discouraged. I was also insulted in school by my teachers for my bad performance as i was a slow learner. I request to all you people out there, if you see any ishan, find a nikubh in yourself and encourage the child by atleast a hug or a hand on the child\'s head to show that you understand him/her. Please reply me if you liked reading it. I m faizunnisakhan at ya hoo dot com.

Comment by faizu khan — 2008-02-11 10:48:45

very nice we like this movie this movie is great.v

Comment by noomi anika — 2008-02-05 08:21:00

like OMG it was the BEST movie EVERRRR im a hardcore boy and this movie actually made me cry for all you fags out there i think u should watch this movie im sure u will enjoy it

Comment by G man — 2008-02-03 06:11:21

good movie

Comment by sasi — 2008-02-02 20:27:22

goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovie

Comment by niku — 2008-02-01 18:10:34

its a must watch....too good.....hats off to aamir

Comment by dutta — 2008-01-31 06:52:22

As a country,people and culture we NEED movies like this. A very brave and well thought out desperately needed first step in empowering the \"different\". On a personal note, yes it did bring tears to my eyes... BRAVO!

Comment by Subhojit Mitra — 2008-01-30 10:03:52

fantastic movie

Comment by Ram — 2008-01-29 18:22:00

Just amazing.. left me speechless..

Comment by Nitin — 2008-01-28 06:26:31

Best movie ever seen...have watched it like 5 times and will keep on watching...evrytme brings tears to my eye....would recommend this movie to everyone...thanks aamir for such a wonderful movie and darsheel for wonderful performance

Comment by Sandy — 2008-01-27 15:18:31

Good movie and make tears to come out...

Comment by Ravi — 2008-01-26 16:42:48

Really nice movie...must watch it!!!

Comment by omer — 2008-01-26 05:38:48

This is great movie........................i love this movie.................there is a great work do by Amir but its very nice

Comment by pankaj — 2008-01-25 11:58:54

such a great movie for all parents who think that childrens have to be top in studies. actually we press the thinking of the child with this burden ry to improve the qualities of the children...... Thats my requeest as well ................thxxxxxx

Comment by ali haider — 2008-01-25 05:39:40

Excellent............ Thanks to Amir Khan for tremendous role. Very Nice Movie.....

Comment by Siddharth Shankar Purohit — 2008-01-24 23:16:33

It is an excellent movie.... I m an Aamir Khan admirer but this movie has even enhanced his stature and potential of an actor.... He is the best actor in the Bollywoood n dare to work on different subject movies... The Child Rocks!!

Comment by Gurbir Singh — 2008-01-24 23:13:43

i dont have the word to explane how much i like this movie--- TARE ZAMEEN PAR Thanks ISHAN.........

Comment by Shamshad — 2008-01-24 21:53:28

good movie.... amazing acting by da child actor.... amir best as awlzyz..

Comment by bassam — 2008-01-22 23:16:45

Excellent film. This will raise awareness about children with Dyslexia in India as people are not aware and don\'t know how to handle the situation. In Britain we have lots of support for children with Dyslexia and teachers are trained to support children. Well done Amir and the team!

Comment by Urvashi (UK) — 2008-01-22 19:56:16

This was such an inspiring movie! Great work done by whomever! And that little boy is just an awesome little actor!! I didn\'t understand half the language but he really made me understand every aspect of the movie with his great acting!! And Amir Khan, God Bless him, he\'s just awesome as well!! Thanx for putting this movie up!! Although I cried for the most part of it, I learned a great lesson and enjoyed every bit of it!! Thank you again!!

Comment by Sumu — 2008-01-22 07:41:50


Comment by sdf — 2008-01-22 02:17:26

good one

Comment by karteek — 2008-01-22 01:37:40

the great brough tears to my eyes. such nice are a wonderful & great boy.thank you so much.

Comment by ayesha — 2008-01-21 23:34:37

Isshaaaaaaan u r realy best child actor in the hole World and for AAmir khan i havent words. cooooooooooooll.Very nice movie.

Comment by Butt — 2008-01-21 13:07:37

its all movies r greeat!! its a nice job!!!

Comment by bhargav — 2008-01-21 09:00:42


Comment by abc — 2008-01-21 05:40:45


Comment by abc — 2008-01-21 03:19:39


Comment by javed — 2008-01-20 19:08:30


Comment by manna bhai — 2008-01-20 15:31:40


Comment by manna bhai — 2008-01-20 15:21:39

This is not working.. Trying for 2 days

Comment by Mohan — 2008-01-20 15:16:25

this is good movie

Comment by daljit — 2008-01-20 03:28:07

this is good movies

Comment by daljit — 2008-01-20 02:59:35

thanks for this movies

Comment by daljit — 2008-01-20 02:06:06

what the fuck is going on

Comment by hcuihqwp — 2008-01-19 18:03:47

it s not working

Comment by vggyugyuig — 2008-01-19 18:00:55

thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u apnaviewwwwwwww! oh, what a great movie...FaNtAsTiC!!!

Comment by Rut — 2008-01-19 06:22:18

i love to watch this movie

Comment by msn — 2008-01-18 19:53:15

He is the every movie AMIR present with some great messages. He is the ONE. AmirKhan, Love man. and What a good actor that liitle boy.Ummah

Comment by masum — 2008-01-18 19:33:34

nice movie .

Comment by nash — 2008-01-18 10:42:40

tis movie nice movie

Comment by raj — 2008-01-18 10:37:37

this movie is very nice movie.

Comment by jasu — 2008-01-18 10:34:58

this movie is very nice.

Comment by jasu — 2008-01-18 10:29:23

super! it was such an amazing moviee, amir khan is far most-the best!! =D

Comment by naina — 2008-01-18 09:14:44

nice bmovie

Comment by padma — 2008-01-18 01:49:09

Amir Khan realy knows how to make a movie, not a single boring moment. The messgage comes through clearly,bookish knowledge is not everything

Comment by Iqbal A Yelukar — 2008-01-18 01:01:27

Well like those movie those are little different than other movie i like those movies i remm some movie in type of cat. Page 3 Ganga zal Black Friday well amir done well sure this movie well go up and sure going to won some award in 2007 2007 give also give at last a movie with logic and theme i watch this movie two times and we have to come forward to

Comment by Harpreer Bhinder Ladi — 2008-01-17 04:57:33

This is greate movie

Comment by Saathyam — 2008-01-17 04:55:54

how do i watch the movies.when i go to hindi movies then a blank space come with some adds

Comment by kiran — 2008-01-17 04:29:15


Comment by manreet — 2008-01-16 21:23:34

Darsheel...i am real fan of u.... u r acting was so sweet.....all the best in u r life

Comment by Aejas Aslam — 2008-01-16 21:09:08

good collection of movies all movies

Comment by raj — 2008-01-16 15:04:03

Hats off to Amir Khan. Such a lovely movie. I wish he should produce more movies like this. Great movie....... Everyone should see this movie.

Comment by Subha — 2008-01-16 04:22:31

Hello, Great & briliant movie.Realy im speachless. Mindblowlng acting of child & briliant idea of Amir khan. I have seen manytime & everytime im crying.

Comment by Amir Sohail — 2008-01-15 14:55:48

Amir Khan realy knows how to make a movie, not a single boring moment. The messgage comes through clearly,bookish knowledge is not everything it sometimes hinders in bringout the natural talent in a child.

Comment by Amitava — 2008-01-15 14:52:44

very nice movie make people remember their childhood.thanks for making this type of movie

Comment by palwinder — 2008-01-15 14:47:12


Comment by nirav — 2008-01-15 06:17:32


Comment by aaaaaaaaaaa — 2008-01-15 06:02:54

I saw Amir\'s all most all movies and most of them are simply superb... but this is a little elongated... could have been a little shorter in length honestly, over all it\'s a good movie.

Comment by Partha — 2008-01-15 04:37:47

hi , i have say that amir khan is the best he the king khan and the king bollywood . amir khan made a movie where u can learn something like this and like laagan , he acts like you feel ur self in the movie he just the best actor i have seen bollywood . amir khan you done it .

Comment by khalid khan — 2008-01-15 03:02:54

very good movies should watch it.

Comment by adnan — 2008-01-15 02:04:53

good movie

Comment by manu — 2008-01-14 22:37:11


Comment by upasana — 2008-01-14 21:36:52


Comment by sanira — 2008-01-14 21:33:27


Comment by bitta — 2008-01-14 21:18:38

Why arent the movies working ??

Comment by Reem — 2008-01-14 18:15:36


Comment by JASKARAN MARWAH — 2008-01-13 23:47:52

This is a movie to be definitely watched on Big Screen, in a theatre. It makes a big difference on big screen, it looks real life ... Audience please dont do injustice to this movie by using a pirated means.... Please be honest and i assure you will definitely get the real worth back to your money !

Comment by shubha — 2008-01-13 19:53:19

guys,, have to say that oneof the best ihave ever seen,,, but not a surprise cause aamir khan made it,,, oviously its gonna be gud,,three cheers for khan n the little kid who has outruned aamir

Comment by pratik — 2008-01-13 16:42:52

how can i download movie with fast speed

Comment by hemanth — 2008-01-13 14:22:24

hi everybody \"Taare Zameen Par\" such a great movie i love this movie Aamir khan really is a good actor and one more thing the child actor \'ishaan\' his acting really fantastic.good luck for \'ishaan\' songs,story,acting,direction, everything is brilliant.

Comment by naveed — 2008-01-13 08:09:56


Comment by laxman — 2008-01-13 07:03:52

tarey zameen per os one of the best movie i ever seen in my life.the story was different from others specially amir khan production was outstanding.

Comment by abdul haseeb — 2008-01-13 01:27:21

Amazing movie......all those who want to download.......BUY THE DVD.

Comment by Pruks — 2008-01-12 22:51:42

hey aamir i dont know if this msg reaches you or not but still i feel like telling every body that you deserve oscar this time for sure.

Comment by munda kamal hai — 2008-01-12 22:02:56

I am truly amazed at Darsheel saffery\'s superb and very natural acting. It seemed so real to me that i forgot that Darsheel was actually acting. I asked my daughter if he was like that in real life or not. I was really shocked that what a masterpiece actor Darsheel is. I cried the whole movie so now i am going to buy it and watch very carefully. I just love the boy and his innosense. God bless him with all the best in life. Lalita

Comment by Lalita — 2008-01-12 19:27:12

gr8....Every one should watch this movie.I feel little bit of me in this movie.....

Comment by gautam — 2008-01-12 18:48:48

its very good

Comment by manjit — 2008-01-12 13:39:21

Hi ALL, Some desire is necessary to keep life in motion. Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away. Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. Success demands singleness of purpose... Niladri

Comment by Niladri Banerjee — 2008-01-12 05:45:11

Best movie after black.Really a wonderful work by a great actor and director Aamir Khan.At least one khan in the industry who think totally different than other khans and continuously work in different league with all the support of country.

Comment by RAJ KUMAR — 2008-01-11 03:24:34

It is really a fantastic movie. Aamir is the best and Darsheel is also superb.

Comment by Sameer Doshi — 2008-01-11 00:15:31

The MOST EXTRAORDINARY Bollywood movie. Amir Khan has proved himself to be the best. And the boy in the movie left me spellbounded, absolutely speechless.

Comment by Prajwalan Karanjit — 2008-01-10 23:00:32

AMIR KHAN IS THE BEST, once again he has proved that he is actual KING KHAN, not that stupid SK, movie is excellent,Amir take care and U R THE NUMBER ONE

Comment by Arshie — 2008-01-10 11:04:31

I am left speechless after watching this movie. Hats off to the little boy Ishaan. He really is a true star. I dont think I have ever been so moved by a film. Exetremly realistic and I think anyone can relate to the situations shown in the film. Aamir Khan has completely amazed me, I hope he continues to make such beautiful and heart warming films. He is great.

Comment by Vee Moda — 2008-01-10 01:41:06

Hi, It\'s a excleent movie.Here is no dout thar Amir Khan is great.He had the capabilty make such time of film.But actually the child actor made the difference. So natural he is..My good wishes for him.It is better if we praise this little boy

Comment by Nihar — 2008-01-09 12:39:49

yaar amir bhai apne phir aik baar sab film stars ki maa choddi

Comment by Lallu — 2008-01-08 20:17:06

\"Taare Zameen Par\" is an Excellent Movie of year 2007. This is really a thought provoking movie. Very good theme, very well presented, very good acting and very good direction. I would recommend this movie to all. Thanks to Amir Khan and his team. Excellent job. Also thanks to the person who uploaded this movie

Comment by saurabh khurana — 2008-01-08 10:58:32

Amir you have done it again. Like Lagan this is a master piece.Being a father of 2 I liked this film a lot and now I know who children should be taken care of. Good acting/story without Sex & violence. Hats off to Amir & Ishan

Comment by Naveed — 2008-01-07 12:16:03

The best I\'ve ever seen. You are the man, Amir. Thanks a lot.

Comment by AA — 2008-01-07 07:43:36

Thank You Very Much.....for this Amazing Movie.....Really it was the Great movie i had ever seen......A lot of things come to know by this movies....Special thanks to Amir Khan for creating this type of Movies....i m total speech less to praise this Movies....

Comment by Prafulla — 2008-01-06 23:55:41

im an artist i was not good in studies in my childhood when i watch this movie it reminds me my childhood.....i think every child like ishan needs a teacher like amir i can say this is not a movie this is a reality.....every thing in this movie is so real

Comment by madeeha sibghat — 2008-01-06 18:21:59

This movie is a hit! Just for people that know about it that is. There was very little marketing done pre release and that is why its not that big but imo it is a hit. Everyone that i know that watched it likes it. G8 job apnaview!

Comment by apna — 2008-01-06 08:38:53

Gr8 movie. U must watch it. As a director this is Aamir\'s first movie and he has simply proved himself. Other directors must take lesson from him. Although movie might not be super hit but even critics will respect Aamir\'s direction/acting.

Comment by Indian — 2008-01-06 06:53:52

Aamir, Other so called stars of the bollywood seems very little in front of you after seeing this mastepiece of yours.You are the real star,not the acting star, but human star.We know as well as you ,that perhaps this movie might not be successfull financially on box office, but what you have done, is out of the world.This is what which come out of your heart and touches our heart.God bless you.

Comment by Imran Khan — 2008-01-06 03:15:43

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuperb movie

Comment by mansi — 2008-01-05 20:31:17

Amir khan is such a cute actor shame he has the most disgusting taste in women.

Comment by tara — 2008-01-05 18:31:09


Comment by dipak raja — 2008-01-05 17:30:36

sperb movie. amir khan is the best actor in the bollywood. god bless you.......

Comment by addie — 2008-01-05 17:19:59

nice movie , good story line .

Comment by udeep — 2008-01-05 06:04:16

thank for video

Comment by irfan — 2008-01-04 13:17:10

this video doesn\'t work, just the first partworks the rest dont, do something abt it please

Comment by aaa — 2008-01-03 22:16:10

its v nice movie i like it to much

Comment by gul — 2008-01-03 21:38:37

Hello all ! this is with regards to my earlier posts in which i gave the songs a ratin of 8 from posible 14..... after listening to the songs countinusly i would like to make a correction rate it 13/14 Solid performace Aamir by u n u r team.... BEST MOVIE OF 2007!!!!!!!

Comment by Imad shah — 2008-01-03 04:15:59

swtaz! u can dwnld this by gettin the google codes!

Comment by coder — 2008-01-03 00:29:46


Comment by khawaz — 2008-01-02 20:09:26

This is the greatest movie I ever seen I can start new life in this 2008 New Year I cry more then 30 min its remind me my childhood Some of the event really happened to me in my childhood time This is the grate move of amir & little ishaan I like to send e-mail to amir and ishaan please some one post the email address You make me cry little friend you are the best child actor in the world Soon I will by the original dvd of this movie Amir you are my best director & the best Indian actor I am sri - lankan and I wish happy New Year for both of you Thank you

Comment by sanjeewa — 2008-01-02 19:08:26

SUPERB MOVIE !!! It proves that without sex and violence, one can produce so brilliant movies as this one. A must watch for everyone. Well done aamir. Ajmal

Comment by A. HASAN — 2008-01-02 18:54:24

Brilliant movie ...... Acting (43.5/43.5) Story(43.5/43.5) Songs(8.5/13)(not important) ----------------------------- Movie (95.5/100) for me by far the best movie of 2007!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Imad — 2008-01-02 16:21:37

nice movie. reminded me my school days, the director has really evaluated young life.

Comment by mehul patel — 2008-01-02 02:39:45

Its truly a great movie..Not only the storyline is great but also acting of Ishan and Amir is superb.. A must watch movie !!!

Comment by sam — 2008-01-02 02:06:51

I got a new sprit in life on the first day of 2008. You made the best movie everseen in my life. Thanks god that he has given the intellegency and u made it. Thank you.

Comment by Sujit Dutta — 2008-01-02 01:39:27

Dear Amir, i am a doctor by profession and I enjoy good movies .This moviedeals with a very important subject and the way you have handled it just great. I have always appretiated you and today I congratuate you on a movie just well done . We are proud of you god bless Sdas

Comment by s das — 2008-01-01 21:28:04


Comment by PARI — 2008-01-01 20:59:49

Fundoo.. Awsome...Fantabulous....

Comment by Vivek — 2008-01-01 16:32:39

the perfect movie ever and the perfect actor specheily amir khan wow

Comment by najma — 2008-01-01 07:15:52

fantastic movie i like the movie Aamir khan is a good Director and Producer.

Comment by Abdul Basit — 2008-01-01 03:03:38

movie was really very nice n i enjoy is based on the real life.

Comment by pra keet — 2008-01-01 01:48:18

Really I am speechless after watching this movie. Amir Khan is the real ameer(Rich) in the world of talent. His acting and direction is ........... I am not getting any word for this. I salute the acting of Ameer and Ishan. No award is sufficient for this movie. Every body should watch this. I like this movie very much.

Comment by Tanmay Kumar Padhi — 2008-01-01 00:42:45

its a very nice film very good job Amir N Ishaan is so cute I love this movie In one word, it s just whaooooooooooooooooo...!

Comment by jasbal — 2007-12-31 21:03:25

dis movie was da bomb. it was emotional and touching. Ishans father is an idiot oh my god. i want to slap him so much my god such a dickshit.

Comment by Ayman Alam — 2007-12-31 20:49:12

The boy ishaan is like my brother and this really works my brother is smart now if you knoe someone do tis with them it will work

Comment by simran ali — 2007-12-31 17:59:58

ishaans dad is such a sooo proper desi man....all he thinks bout is money and whatever...if he´d be real i´ll tell him to shut his f****face

Comment by sangeeta — 2007-12-31 14:07:26

this movie should win oscar award BRILLIANT BRAIN USED BY AAMIR KHAN Each and every parent and teacher shud watch this movie thanks apnaview

Comment by rashim — 2007-12-31 12:08:55

This is a beautiful movie. Amir Khan has proved his profound talent in this film through the subject. I work as a certified Special Education Trainer in USA, Hawaii and I work with kids having special needs. It is all about MAKING THE DIFFERENCE - CHANGING LIVES. This movie teaches a lesson to all age groups. Every one should watch this movie and take home the message of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!

Comment by Gaurav Duggal — 2007-12-31 10:36:14

you can download the movie by downloading RealPlayer

Comment by harin jinasena — 2007-12-31 07:55:41

dis movie and da actors in dis movie need an STANDING APPLAUSION FROM BOLLYWOOD AND ALL THE HOODS LOL!! BRILLAINT AMIR..!!

Comment by MAHNAZ — 2007-12-31 05:04:24

After a very long time I have felt the need to shed a tear and cry. I was really moved by this movie and a fantastic one it is. I think it was sensational.

Comment by Zawar — 2007-12-31 03:18:07

WOW!! an absolutely marvellous, outstanding nd mindblowing movie. thanx to apnaview.!!! fav. amir has crossed all d bounties!!

Comment by akshi — 2007-12-30 16:56:31

hiiii can someone download salman khan kyonki movie and bobby deol jurm movie plzzzz download it here

Comment by sneha — 2007-12-30 16:06:03

Wow. Made a robot eye cry. I met with Aamir Khan in Lahore in 2005 his number is changed but what I can do for him right now is, I am gonna buy an orignal DvD of this movie right tomorrow. Hardly express emotions but this movie made me to write something about it. No one borns with the pre-learned and every new thing is a start of learning something, No limits but sky. By chance If Aamir Khan read this comment, my regards for him. Made my eyes more open. Waqar

Comment by Code-Master — 2007-12-30 10:46:24

Wow! Amazing! LOVED IT! Very Educational Movie indeed...just realized my brother had this condition when he was young but as we didnt know about it we always compared him to his other twin who didnt have trouble learning to read and write.

Comment by SADAF — 2007-12-30 05:05:36

Wow, amazing film. I cried the whole way through.

Comment by Rosie — 2007-12-30 02:36:06

Ag me pehli bar apana comment likh raha hoon...........lagta hai ya jo sab kuch howa hai es movie mein wo kuch tu nahi per buhat kuch mera bare mein hai.kabhi kabhi zindagi buhat asan hoti hai magar kuch log usa app ka liya mushkal kar data hain.per ag megah ya dekh kar kuch naya mela hai ......nahi buhat kuch mela hai (shani lovr u allllll)

Comment by shani — 2007-12-29 23:44:14

The movie touches heart !

Comment by Aman — 2007-12-29 22:57:53

can someone tell me how can i download this movie on dvd

Comment by Gurjit — 2007-12-29 22:54:54

poty khao

Comment by Amir Khan — 2007-12-29 22:19:06

trhrttrh eybey

Comment by sdas — 2007-12-29 22:18:25

This move is great. I was crin while watchin ths movie.But that make me concren b/c my sister is jus 9 and she can\'t pay attenion on study now and she likes to paint.Before she was great in other subject.Now she failed math which was her best subject. Aamir is the best and he did great job in this

Comment by unknown — 2007-12-29 21:38:04

mera dhunga chatle kutta!!

Comment by anuradhasuresh — 2007-12-29 20:45:09

gandu sid the kidchup ho ja varna me tera kaddu bana dunga sale. chal vat or agar tu aisa karega to tu marega kalia! ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kutta (Dog) — 2007-12-29 20:43:47

aesi comments bhejane wale tera mu kala. aaj se tera nam ratan kalia! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Comment by Sid the Kid — 2007-12-29 20:41:32

after a long long time what a great movie,its a movie which everyone should watch.great work by amirkhan.thanks to apna view.

Comment by anuradhasuresh — 2007-12-29 20:40:42

bhen chod teri movie download karna sikh warna teri maa ko tan tan tan tara kar dunga. kutta has ya raha he. padate hu e sharam nahi aati tujhe. ma ke laude. dub mar chullu bhar pani me sale. chal vat. get out or tu to aj marega laude!! hop u enjoyed it!

Comment by Kutta (Dog) — 2007-12-29 20:34:40

Excellent picture! Must watch for all the parents and would-bes. Hats off to Aamir for a brilliant movie!

Comment by Rahul — 2007-12-29 19:54:57

this is the best movie ever. it mad me cry and i am a bully . YEAH

Comment by simranjeets — 2007-12-29 19:27:28

what a movie? a flawless masterpiece! This is the best movie i\'ve ever seen. It touched my heart and enlightened my soul. Congratulation Aamir Khan, he is the ever best.

Comment by Jyoti Khadka — 2007-12-29 16:08:14

great film. made me identify with the boy. cried. think many people will do identify with the boy. guys!!! be aware do not go in to self pity as i did. thank god i discovered and got out of it. if not you will waste a major part of you energy in selfpity blaming mom and dad for your sad story. i also have dyselxeya problems. didnt know till very resent. xelent film.

Comment by dhara — 2007-12-29 15:02:17

This is one of the best movies in recent years and to believe it as the maiden directorial venture of Aamir Khan, It\'s incredible!!!

Comment by zeena — 2007-12-29 09:03:41

verry verry verry good movie

Comment by shri — 2007-12-29 07:48:13

omg.. i was cryin while watchin the movie.. its such a mind-blowing movie.. and love AMir... sooooooo cute... lol.. too cute.. lol

Comment by Yanila — 2007-12-29 03:47:25

NOW ========know

Comment by nayab — 2007-12-29 03:15:19

does any body now its not complete movie ??????????????

Comment by nayab — 2007-12-29 02:48:49

That is one of best movie of the year Amir your great.

Comment by timor2007 — 2007-12-28 23:53:13

wonderful movie.Amir khan has done a great job. infact this is the first movie that made me cry.great movie.i loved it.wel done amir

Comment by zaheen — 2007-12-28 23:47:55

One of the best movie...amir did a great job and ofcouse the kid is really sweet, very nice movie, very very nice im working like same amir in uk school with children ,i think im there with child,

Comment by kasihsh — 2007-12-28 23:37:44

great movie ! and thanks to the person who uploded it ! Keep the good work

Comment by Vir — 2007-12-28 23:26:55

In UK - dyslexia children go to mainstream school, the disable has a place in the community. Parents have to learn that each child is different individually. Do not compare! I am dealing with the disabled in UK, I love this movie. Such a wonderful and motivating movie of Amir EVER..Naturally Amir loves children. Keep up the good work Amir! Tackle on Autism children as well after this..please. Autism and Aspergers are difficult to be noticed in the public, but the kids are wonderful, make u melt with feelings!!!

Comment by zainab — 2007-12-28 22:00:54

One of the best movie...

Comment by anu — 2007-12-28 21:51:25

At 27 years og=f age, here in Uk, I am still struggling to figure out why I am here.. is it really what I wanted to do in life... This movie is as if like a biography... of me... what else can I say.. Thanks a lot Mr. Amir Khan...

Comment by sourav — 2007-12-28 21:25:27

great film! should get the best award ever!!!

Comment by simrangh — 2007-12-28 19:38:53

suberb acting by darsheel and amir..must watch 4 all parents & teachers.---sania

Comment by sania — 2007-12-28 18:22:17

nice movie

Comment by amir — 2007-12-28 17:33:58

hi every one i think no one belive wat i want to say this story n my life story both r same i think no one going to belive tat but its true ma life also like this story

Comment by viquar — 2007-12-28 16:23:10

Taare Zameen Par is the best movie so far in 2007. Aamir\'s acting and the child\'s acting brilliant. nice movie to watch. NO BORING !! gud for the parents who treat some children like this and send to HOSTEL OR BOARDING SCHOOLS. Etc.. I think this world will change if anybody sees this wonderful movie. gave lots of tears to my eyes. wonderful AAMIR KHAN .. KEEP UP THE GUD SPIRIT.. HOP u will bring movies like these later...

Comment by Richard Thomas — 2007-12-28 11:56:34

this is an amazing movie. i cried. this is the best movie of 07.

Comment by shrada — 2007-12-28 09:52:28

Excelent film, Aamir est tous simplement le geant de cinema indien point final. from Chad-Africa

Comment by Mdiacos — 2007-12-28 09:12:30

very nice amaizing movie good job Amir

Comment by zaid — 2007-12-28 08:17:07

ultimate movie.... 4 me its bst movie of 2007.... evrybdy shud watch it.... gud wrk aamir....

Comment by vijeta — 2007-12-28 07:59:07

very gud movie theres always movies made tat dont even make any sense but this is a gud example for indian cinema becos this is a true story of almost every child nd parents get to know wat the child goes through. thnks to amir very excellent movie

Comment by varsha — 2007-12-28 04:04:15

T The A All R Real E Emotions Zamin Par. Fantastic Ammir! Shehenshah of bolly wood

Comment by AtashKhan — 2007-12-28 03:13:02

Brilliant movie Acting (43.5/43.5) Story(43.5/43.5) Songs(8.5/13)(not important) ----------------------------- Movie (95.5/100) for me by far the best movie of 2007!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Imad Shah — 2007-12-28 02:32:30

It was one of the best bollywood movie I have ever seen. Thanx for Amir Khan and his team. You make such a nice movie that gave a real meaning to our society. I believed this is an example. However, we got still loads of story exist on our surroundings. What I concluded is, this film gave a clear message to all the responsible bodies in order to do a proper child care that enhance their physical and psycological development.

Comment by The King — 2007-12-28 01:29:24

For children it is inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm.For teacher, it is love, way of handling and teaching little kids , for parents it is understanding and for audience it is to learn ...all these things. ONE OF THE FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, THE GREATEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF BOLLYWOOD. MUST AND MUST WIN ALL THE AWARDS......MAY GOD BLESS SUCH DIRECTOR,ACTOR AND PRODUCER....SUCH A MIND BLOWING MOVIES...EVEN I DROP TEARS THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE.....

Comment by Dharamveer Singh — 2007-12-28 00:31:00

no words to describ the greatness of this movie. Truely exceptional movie full of emotions and great acting. Amir truely is the \"BEST\" actor in bollywood indusry and TARE ZAMEEN PE IS \"ONE OF BEST MOVIES\" ever made in the history of bollywood.SUPERB...... :p

Comment by shivani — 2007-12-27 23:35:21

Really nice movie

Comment by Asim — 2007-12-27 23:30:53

I wont say \"all children are diffrent\" its more like \"every human on the earth is diffrent there is not 2 like each other\",.... And they are so mean hitting the children!! OMG så beutyfull movie!!!!!!!

Comment by Iqra — 2007-12-27 23:14:06

It was very good.I like taare zameen par.Aamir Khan is fantastic Producer and Director.Simply greatest. Thank you very much.

Comment by muhammad — 2007-12-27 20:48:08

Excellent Movie, Simply Superb...No words to describe...the type of direction. and Far most the FACT and True lession to all those pairents who force thier kids to get HIGH marks.....which is not good atall...try to know your kid...internally...Good Job Amir

Comment by Ravi — 2007-12-27 17:04:51

A must watch MAST movie... very beautifully executed by Mr. Aamir Khan.... he has proved his skills n abilities to do wonders.... GREAT MOVIE

Comment by Shez — 2007-12-27 15:38:33

awww... dis film is great

Comment by Maz — 2007-12-27 15:36:17

Brilliant movie , simply superb, Aamir is truly a genius, the litle kid has acted brilliantly, each character has been potrayed very well, Indian Cinema in definitley going places with movies like this, i enjoyed the movie, it brought tears to my eyes. Aamir and the little child should def get an award if they do not then we r truly missing wonderful talent like this. Thanks Aamir for a beautiful movie like this which has said a lot to lots of people out there who keep pressurising their kids. Gudos to you and pls keep making movies like this. Thank you.

Comment by Amutha — 2007-12-27 12:52:36

lovely movie!!!!must watch 4 every1!!!

Comment by soundarya — 2007-12-27 11:44:33

mast bole to jakas.............maja hi aagaya

Comment by vivek — 2007-12-27 11:33:54

AMAZIN !!far most the best!

Comment by Naina — 2007-12-27 10:48:10

great moive!! excellent work!! luv u amirr!!!

Comment by wajiha — 2007-12-27 09:17:42

Fabulous Movie.. a must watch for Everybody.. a gniuos of a persn Aamir!!! Way to Go...

Comment by Aul Mehta — 2007-12-27 08:05:14

veryyyyyyy nice movie, amir did a great job and ofcouse the kid is really sweet, very nice movie, very very nice

Comment by simmy — 2007-12-27 07:59:00

Taare Zameen Par was awesome!

Comment by Nitu — 2007-12-27 06:18:15

I am truly proud of indian cinema, specially Aamir khan

Comment by Rajni — 2007-12-27 04:50:31

heyy ashleyy where r u fromm???

Comment by jabar — 2007-12-27 04:21:18

I know this movie is good. Bcoz Aamir is a good actor and direcor also. I like vry much, I am working in Bollywood Industry a a Production Director. He is a great personality and good attitude. i can\'t see this movie but i know this movie is good and good for childeren and parents.....from Ashley

Comment by Ashley — 2007-12-27 03:15:45

nice movie..

Comment by arone — 2007-12-27 03:08:01

40 yrs of my life..born in remote village of nepal and now in california never wote comment but this movie !!!!!!!!!!!! wow aamir

Comment by Manoj — 2007-12-27 03:04:48

Hi, I am Karishma This movie is the best movie I will see in my life and Amir Khan and the child was super great I will give Amir and that child and everybody in the movie 100 out of a hundred and I also cried in this move. I am only 13 but I learned that every kid is special nobody is different

Comment by karishma — 2007-12-27 03:02:10

The great movie. dont have words for praise aamir. he has proved no limit of art in his way. Wish him not only good luck but great luck too.

Comment by Atash — 2007-12-27 02:26:08

Once again Amir Khan shows why he is the best actor in the indian filim industry.

Comment by sy — 2007-12-27 02:07:08

It is a good learn to any parents how they behave with their child

Comment by sydhir — 2007-12-27 01:54:59

This is really an amazing film. I love it.

Comment by Amjad Khan — 2007-12-27 01:39:39

I have seen the movie this is awesom I appreciate Amir\'s acting and hope that bollywood make movies like this....... with love ...VINAY

Comment by Vinay Dhunna — 2007-12-27 00:05:28

i love it

Comment by sana — 2007-12-26 23:24:15

great movie i really enjoyed the movie and i cryed

Comment by manjulica — 2007-12-26 23:18:39

very very grate movie...So GoooooooooooooD

Comment by venu gopal — 2007-12-26 23:14:38

It is a beautiful movie based on the problems and facts of disabled children. The story of idealist paents and a poor disable boy.

Comment by Rafia Shujaat — 2007-12-26 23:08:20

brilliant film.darshhel and amir have acted superbly.good subject.thanks for posting

Comment by gdhairyawan — 2007-12-26 22:17:46

nice movie ,thanx

Comment by bally — 2007-12-26 22:16:10

how can i download this movie???????????????????

Comment by mritunjay — 2007-12-26 21:29:06

Aamir khan has gone MAD. dont like aamir

Comment by abc — 2007-12-26 21:12:13

i need this movie

Comment by sajjad — 2007-12-26 21:01:01

this is so good movies; but i want fast speed movies.

Comment by amir — 2007-12-26 20:57:46

i wanna se tis movie were cn i watch? on net

Comment by kiran — 2007-12-26 20:37:06

This movie is great

Comment by Roshni — 2007-12-26 20:19:45

This movie is great

Comment by Roshni — 2007-12-26 20:19:44

This movie is great

Comment by Roshni — 2007-12-26 20:19:43

how can i download movie with fast speed

Comment by Devender — 2007-12-26 18:40:43

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