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Watch 6 Athiyayam 2018 tamil online

Watch 6 Athiyayam 2018


6 Athiyayam is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language horror anthology film containing 6 short features each directed by a different director. Each director has also penned the story and screenplay of their movies.

Released: 23 February 2018

Runtime: 1h 58min

Imdb Rating: 5.9

Genres: Horror

Director: Cable Sankar, Ajayan Bala, Sridhar Venkatesan, Lokesh Rajendran, Shankar Thiyagarajan, Eav Suresh

Writer: Ajayan Bala, Cable Sankar

Cast: Vinodh Kishan, Kishore, Thaman Kumar

Production: Ascii Media Hut

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