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Adil (Premnath) is a dashing, brave young man, full of hope and mindful of the rights of all people, especially the downtrodden. It is this last attribute that ends up putting him in the bad books of the Emperor (Ulhas). The Emperor orders his arrest. But before the soldiers can arrest Adil, he single-handedly rescues the Emperor's bethrothed from a lion. This earns him the gratitude of beautiful Queen-to-be, Juhi (Purnima). The Emperor, pleased with Adil, gives him an important assignment in his army, and promises that Adil's fellow-villagers will not face oppression, taxes or forced labour from his army. Ruhi (Bina Rai) loves Adil, but Adil is unaware of this. Juhi is impressed by Adil and this impression turns to love, and she tells Adil about this. Adil does not think it appropriate for a bethrothed to be his lover and wife, and spurns her. Angered Juhi starts to plot against Adil, by getting the emperor to collect taxes and forced labour from Adil's village. This angers Adil, who... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 5.0

Genres: Drama

Director: Bhagwan Das Varma

Writer: Shanta Arora, Bhagwan Das Varma

Cast: Bina Rai, Prem Nath, Purnima

Production: Varma Films

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