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Nandini alias Nannu lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed dad, Janak Singh, in a small town in India. While she attends school, he sells fruits right outside her school, much to her dislike. Years later, Nandini passes her school examinations with flying colors, while Janak also progresses to a fruit and juice stall. One day while at the stall, Nandini meets with a young man named Ashok and both fall in love with each other. Janak comes to know about this and is at first angry with Nandini, but subsequently relents and goes to Ashok's guardian, Rameshwar, to talk about their marriage. Janak is humiliated and asked to leave as Ashok's marriage has already been finalized by his late father, Amarnath, with Rameshwar's daughter, Rani. Watch what happens when Ashok leaves the house in protest, goes to Nandini, and both end up being kidnapped by a man named Shankar - who 14 years ago had robbed a bank with Janak Singh, who was then known as bandit Vikram Singh, which resulted in the death... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])


Runtime: 2h 42min

Imdb Rating: 5.1

Genres: Drama

Director: Govind Moonis


Cast: Aakash, Akashdeep, Brahmachari

Production: Rajshri Productions

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