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Watch Dahek: A Restless Mind 2007 hindi online

Watch Dahek: A Restless Mind 2007 Full Movie


Bengali-speaking Monalisa lives a middle-class lifestyle in Mumbai along with her mom and wheelchair-bound dad. She and her mom had to endure considerable hardships since she was six years of age after her dad suffered a paralytic stroke. After she matured, she suffered a heartbreak as her boyfriend broke off with her. While enrolled to learn music, she is mocked at, but is encouraged by her new music teacher, Jay Mathur, who also moonlights as a freelance reporter. Both eventually fall in love, she introduces him to her parents and both approve of him. Little do they know that Jay, whose mother left him, and his father, a businessman, Ajay, allegedly killed himself, is under police surveillance, suspected of killing Sunil Saxena, Iqbal Khan, and Veeru. Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 6.2

Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance

Director: Aroop Adhikari

Writer: Aroop Adhikari, Aroop Adhikari

Cast: Sharad S. Kapoor, Amit Khaladkar, Rajit Kapoor

Production: A2 Creations

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