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Watch Dal: The Gang 2001 hindi online

Watch Dal: The Gang 2001 Full Movie


Aslam Khan, Yogi Raj, David Gonsalves, Uttam Harma and Pritam Singh are five friends from completely different religious backgrounds, who live in a slum that is soon to be demolished by a local landlord, Dharamchand Karodimal. The only way they can prevent it's demolition is by paying him 2 Crore rupees, which they get from a gangster named Rudranarayan, who wants them to steal a video-tape from a bank. They do steal the video and in the process five guards are killed by Rudranarayan's men. The five get the money, but shortly thereafter are arrested by the police, tried in Court, and sentenced to be hanged. While they await their respective ends at death-row, another inmate, Bhaktavar Singh, is brought in and placed in their cell. When Bhaktavar hears their plight, he helps them to escape and even assists them to recover the tape, so that they can get the money to save their slum. What they do not know is that the tape contains confidential information that is of vital value to a ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 0.0

Genres: Action

Director: Vicky Ranawat


Cast: Ishrat Ali, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Rajesh Bakshi


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