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They walk the tightrope between right and wrong. They are hungry for recognition, fame and respect. They are immensely gifted but absolutely raw. Their special gift is street smarts and the art of survival. They are impatient and all charged up to grab their share of what is theirs if they win the race of a lifetime. These 9 boys with a misspent childhood, in a juvenile home run by a tyrant warden will dance for passion, for hope and for their dreams to come true. Exorcising their past demons, the 9 boys who society has written off, reach out for the stars. Will their rebellion pay off? Will they become masters of their destinies? Written by samit kakkad

Released: 30 November 2012

Runtime: 1h 34min

Imdb Rating: 6.0

Genres: Music

Director: Samit Kakkad

Writer: Jha Bhalchandra, Sachin Dharekar

Cast: Akhilesh, Sulabha Arya, Sanket Farad

Production: Akshara films division, Samit Kakkad Films, Samit Kakkad Films

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