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Watch Dhat Tere... Ki 1983 hindi online

Watch Dhat Tere... Ki 1983 Full Movie


Madhukar Sharma is a Chartered Accountant based in Bombay, India, where he lives in a flat (apartment) with his wife, Vinti, and a young school-going son. Vinti feels that Madhukar or Maddy as he is called, has lost interest in her, is taking an interest in other women, especially in a neighbor named Gunjan, and may kill her to free himself from this marriage, and marry Gunjan. Her fears become reality when one night she is woken from her sleep and sees Maddy about to choke her with a bathroom towel, when she screams and confronts him, he falteringly explains that he was merely trying to kill a mosquito on her cheek. Unconvinced, she decides to keep tabs on him, and finds all of a sudden there are a number of "wrong numbers" on their telephone, most of them answered by him; and his sending their servant, Radheyshyam, to Gunjan's flat to clean up broken glass. Are Vinti's suspicions valid, if so, when will Maddy make his move? Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 6.5


Director: Meraj

Writer: Akhil Mishra

Cast: Ravi Baswani, Abhi Bhattacharya, Akhil Mishra


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