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Nicknamed as "Hitler", Jailer Siddhanth Kumar Sharma is feared and respected at work as well as at home where he lives with his wife, a former lawyer, Sheila; younger brother, Amar; two younger sisters and his son. He would like Amar to find employment for himself on his merit rather than use his contacts, but Amar is unable to secure any employment. Then wealthy Daulatram insults Siddhanth, accuses him of using Amar as a ploy to fall in love with his daughter, Priya, so that the Sharma family can inherit his wealth. An angered Siddhanth confronts Amar, and is told that he has fallen in love with Priya and would like to marry her. Amar is angry with Daulatram and wants him to apologize to Siddhanth, an argument ensues between them, Amar grabs a knife and warns Daulatram. Shortly thereafter, the police arrest Amar for killing Daulatram. Siddhant disbelieves him, but Sheila decides to don her black gown and represent her brother-in-law, against the overwhelming evidence that has ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 5.5

Genres: Crime

Director: T.L.V. Prasad


Cast: Vikas Anand, Mohnish Bahl, Arun Bakshi

Production: B.M.B. Pictures

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