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In hopes of improving his lifestyle, a poor peasant re-locates to Bombay virtually penniless. It is late at night and he is thirsty, and he is unable to find water anywhere. A singing drunk offers him money to buy some alcohol, but the money is snatched away by a taxi-driver. In desperation, the peasant attempts to drink from a fire hydrant, but is stopped by a Police Constable. Then he sneaks into a multi-storied apartment complex, and is mistaken for a thief. The entire building, which consists of over 200 units, housing nearly a 1000 people, set out to hunt him down. He first stumbles into the house of Kailash - who makes illicit alcohol, while his daughter is secretly romancing another tenant, Pradeep; the peasant then runs into another apartment - just in time to see the husband attempting to steal his wife, Meenu's valuables, so that he can get enough money to gamble on a race-horse; he hides in a drum and makes his way around the huge building and ends up as a corpse at the ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])


Runtime: 2h 33min

Imdb Rating: 8.4

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Amit Mitra, Sombhu Mitra

Writer: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Amit Mitra

Cast: Pradeep Kumar, Sumitra Devi, Smriti Biswas

Production: R.K. Films Ltd.

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