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Watch Kaisay Kahein... 2007 hindi online

Watch Kaisay Kahein... 2007 Full Movie


Bangalore-based Radhika Rao lives a wealthy lifestyle with her parents. She re-locates to London, England, and works as a news reporter with Sahara Samay. She meets with Financial Executive, Aditya Chowdhury, and both fall in love with each other. They get engaged and even invest in a house. They overcome differences, which only re-surface when Radhika, who has been promoted as Bureau Chief, decides to re-locate to Mumbai, India. Once there both overcome their differences and Aditya even visits her on her birthday. Shortly thereafter Radhika visits him in London. After a short harmonious period, their differences re-surface again and both decide to part ways. They will be fated to meet again after over 2 years in Australia - and the question remains will they be able to patch-up? Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

Released: 24 August 2007

Runtime: 2h 3min

Imdb Rating: 6.4

Genres: Drama, Romance

Director: Mohit Hussein

Writer: Mohit Hussein, Surendra Bhatia

Cast: Rajvirr Singh, Neha Julka, Aditi Govitrikar

Production: Sahara One Motion Pictures, Siddhesh Productions

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