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Watch Main Solah Baras Ki 1998 hindi online

Watch Main Solah Baras Ki 1998 Full Movie


When Bollywood megastar Dev Anand makes an announcement he is on the look-out for a female lead in his forthcoming Hindi movie, many Indian women and men all over the world wait with bated breath to see who the lucky woman was going to be. Dev did not find anyone in India, so he decided to tour the U.K., and meets with beautiful Tina, who he casts in his next film. While meeting Tina, he also meets 16 year old Madhu Mehra in U.K., who also wants to act in his movie called "Main Solah Baras Ki". The common thing between them is that both share the same birth date (the year is different); Dev likes Madhu, while Madhu loves Dev, and will do anything to make him notice her as a woman, not as a teen. The question is whether this veteran actor can decide to hold onto his own, while this charming teenager turns on her charm on him. Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

Released: 7 August 1998

Runtime: 2h 30min

Imdb Rating: 4.0

Genres: Musical, Romance

Director: Dev Anand


Cast: Dev Anand, Jas Arora, Sabrina


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