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Watch Meetha Zehar 1985 hindi online

Watch Meetha Zehar 1985 Full Movie


Vijay Kumar (Om Prakash) comes from a middle class family and goes over to a foreign country to play foot ball and ended up with an orphan name Barkha (Padmini Kapila). Both of them fall in love with each other on a chance encounter. All of a sudden Vijay comes to know of his entire family members killed in an unknown riot and he has to leave immediately. During his absence Barkha reach up with super star Rajiv Malhotra (Bharat Kapoor), and both fell in love. After cremating his family Vijay return back to the country only to know that Barkha had get marry to Rajiv. Heart broken, lifeless and without any aim in life Vijay decides to take to crime which lead him to underworld don Bhujang and he started working for him. Unknown to himself that Bhujang is the one who murder his family. Will Vijay continue to work for Bhujang after he learns the truth or will he take revenge? Written by [email protected][email protected]

Released: 1 March 1985


Imdb Rating: 5.6


Director: Mohinder


Cast: Deepak Parashar, Padmini Kapila, Om Prakash


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