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Watch Nagin Aur Lootere 1992 Full Movie


A married couple had prayed for years for a child to be born to them, in vain. Then one day, the wife prays to Lord Naagraj (Snake God), who appears before her and grants her wish. Soon a boy is born in their household, and named Nagesh. 24 years later, Nagesh has grown up, and is now a Police Inspector. A woman who calls herself Rajni appears, meets with his mother, and tells her that she is Nagesh's (alias Rajnikant) betrothed from a previous birth, she is the daughter of Naagraj, who had told her that she can claim him as her husband after 25 years. Fearing for the safety of Nagesh, his mother gets him married to a pious woman, Neelam, the daughter of a Poojary. The stage is now set for a confrontation between the pious wife against the shape-changing Rajni, who will not permit a mere mortal to stop her. Then things change dramatically when Nagesh is photographed having an affair with a woman named Julie, who is subsequently killed, the police find evidence linking Nagesh to this ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 0.0

Genres: Fantasy, Musical

Director: Mohan T. Gehani

Writer: Mahendra Dehlvi

Cast: Neelima Azim, Goga Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor

Production: Devi Films

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