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'The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you" People have dreams, but not all of us have the guts to put faith in ourselves. Most of us lose focus and give up. We are most afraid to believe in our own dreams. Those who do are the true winners. This slice of life film is set in the backdrop of our capital city- Delhi. A city that brings in thousands of North Indians in search of opportunities that was never available in their own home towns. Like-wise, six boys from different states come together to share a two BHK apartment in a middle-class colony, which they lovingly call "Sadda Adda". This film is their story. It is about how six bachelors, with completely different backgrounds and personalities, live together. Their apartment "Sadda Adda" is a complete mess with empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, unwashed clothes, mattresses tossed all over the floor etc - yet together they cook food, clean, buy groceries, pay rent, laugh, cry, fight over insignificant ... Written by Muazzem Beg

Released: 13 January 2012

Runtime: 2h 10min

Imdb Rating: 7.2

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Muazzam Beg

Writer: Muazzam Beg

Cast: Karan Sharma, Shaurya Chauhan, Bhaumik Sampat

Production: Rajtaru Studios, Rajtaru Video Sonic

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