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Watch Sindoor Ki Saugandh 2002 hindi online

Watch Sindoor Ki Saugandh 2002 Full Movie


Orphaned Roshni lives a poor-lifestyle with her maternal uncle, Gulal, and his wife, and they do Nautanki (singing and dancing) from village to village for a living. She is in love with Sharad and both want to get married. Lusty Thakur Gajraj Singh, who will shortly become an MLA, takes a liking to Roshni and, together with bandit Bhairav Singh, abduct Roshni in her bridal gear, killing Sharad, and having their way with her. Roshni survives, decides to complain to the Police, not only refuse to take any action, but the Police Inspector in Charge also has his way with her. Humiliated, she is left on the streets, rescued by kind-hearted bandit, Shankara, who recruits her and she swears to avenge her humiliation by killing her molesters. She unleashes a wave of terror attacks, prompting the government to assign Inspector Ramesh Kumar to arrest her at any and all costs. The question remains, does Roshni have enough time to carry out her vengeance before being arrested by Ramesh Kumar? Written by rAjOo ([email protected])



Imdb Rating: 0.0

Genres: Action

Director: Swaroop Kumar


Cast: Ishrat Ali, Arun Bakshi, Pinky Chinoy


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