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Janardhan a 28 year old Kannada Lecturer from Mangalore who is quite an introvert comes to know from an astrologer that he would attain sanyasa (embrace asceticism) if he doesn't get married within a year. Hearing this Janardhan is now in a situation of trouble & desperation as he has never had a decent conversation with females until now in his life & all the proposals his family has seen also has gone in vain as he doesn't look great,physically. Janardhan continues his search for a beautiful bride. In this journey he faces various situations & conflicts which in turn gives him a chance to revisit his inner core & experience his self discovery. Does Janardhan find his bride or does he attain spiritual path? forms the rest of the story.

Released: 7 July 2017

Runtime: 2h 4min

Imdb Rating: 8.2

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Raj B. Shetty

Writer: Raj B. Shetty

Cast: Usha Bhandary, Shailashree Mulki, Amrutha Naik

Production: Mango Pickle Entertainment, Pawan Kumar Studios

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