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This is a Bromantic Comedy about two struggling writers who peddle their mediocre screenplay, "Sulemani Keeda" in Bollywood. Perenially hungry and horny, they lie, drink, hit on unsuspecting girls in bookshops and attend poetry readings where they read their vulgar verses. Things look bright when they meet a wannabe auteur, Gonzo Kapoor who wants to make a film inspired by Tarkovski. Gonzo gives them three days to come up with a great idea. When one of them falls in love with a bohemian photographer who is leaving India in three days, he is faced with a choice- whether to co-write a film he doesn't believe in or woo the girl he has fallen in love with. Written by Anonymous

Released: 5 December 2014

Runtime: 1h 29min

Imdb Rating: 7.2

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: Amit Masurkar

Writer: Amit Masurkar

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tewari, Aditi Vasudev

Production: Tulsea, Mantra/Runaway Entertainment

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