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Niravan (Nazir Hussain), the village postmaster receives an envelope with a cheque for a very large amount, with the instructions that he is to turn this cheque over to the most honest man in the village. Honest Niravan calls a village meeting and informs them of this outcome. They mutually agree that there are five people in the village who can be called honest, however, since the stipulation states that the amount is to be turned to only one, they decide to hold elections in the village, so that everyone can decide who the most honest man is. The outcome is hilarious as all the five prominent people bend over backwards not only to be honest and caring, but also be seen to be honest and caring. The village doctor starts treating all patients regardless of their ability to pay him; the village money-lender starts forgiving loans; the wealthy zamindar allows everyone to drink water from his property; the village priest allows the untouchables to worship in the temple. Can these people ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

Released: 5 August 1960


Imdb Rating: 7.6

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Bimal Roy

Writer: Shailendra, Salil Choudhury

Cast: Motilal, Vasant Choudhury, Sadhana

Production: Bimal Roy Productions

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